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– Benefits

Become a ‘Lawrence’s Driving School’ Instructor and get paid what you are worth!

Regular Work, Few (if any) Cancellations, Great Hourly Rate, Full Back Up and Marketing Systems, Monthly Rolling Agreement!

We are currently looking for ADIs all over the United Kingdom. We can set you up and get you going within a few weeks. NEVER WORRY ABOUT GETTING PUPILS EVER AGAIN!

Awesome booking system – works from your phone, iPad, laptop or whatever you use. You can manage your own diary and negotiate times and dates with your pupils.

We supply all your pupils via our varied marketing systems so all you have to do is teach them!

We have regular monthly meetings that you can attend and meet other Lawrence’s Driving School instructors.


  • No Extra Fees for pupils we obtain for you*
  • We handle pupil enquiries
  • Online presence for your business
  • Rolling Monthly Agreement – leave with only a month’s notice
  • NO FEES – Until you get 2 Paying Pupils
  • NO Vehicle Decals or Livery to worry about (We use Magnetic headboards that you can take off between lesson days)
  • Highly Competitive Franchise Fee – Just £60 per week
  • High-Quality Branding – making you look amazing
  • No Obligations – Pick and choose when you want to take on pupils
  • GET PAID HIGH HOURLY RATES – We will price your service at the highest rates in your area – for many, this is up to £35 per hour
  • Online Marketing in your local area
  • FREE Branded Headboard and Magnetic Signs
  • UNIFORM (optional) – 1 x Fleece & 2 x Polo Shirts (charged at cost rate if required).
  • Personalised Business Cards
  • Test Booking and Cancellation Search Service for your pupils
  • Give us a try – Risk-Free – Nothing to lose!!

*When some pupils prepay via our online payment processor, we are charged a small fee on 1.4% + 20p per transaction. This fee is passed onto the instructor.

Try our 4 Week Challange!

Don’t sit there wondering whether to join us or not!! Try us for 4 weeks and if you are not happy LEAVE with no Consequences whatsoever!!

We will even pay for the return of our Starter Pack – so you have NOTHING TO LOSE!

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Not Qualified Yet?

We offer an amazing Driving Instructor Training Program.

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ADI Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Areas will I cover?

Unlike other large national franchises, we like to keep you as local as possible. We will only market within a 10-mile radius around your home location. If in some cases, you live in a really rural part of the country then we may ask you to extend the radius in order to get you enough pupils.

Q: How much notice do I need to give?
We require one month’s notice. Just call, text, email or, if you wish, a letter explaining you wish to cease the Franchise agreement. All we ask, in return, is that any pupils given to you are honoured. We do have the right to contact the pupils given to you, and ask if they wish to have another Lawrence’s Driving School Franchise. If you leave, we will calculate any monies owed to Lawrence’s Driving School as pro rota from the date of payment to leaving date.
Q: How many pupils can you supply?

Lawrence’s Driving School will endeavour to supply you with as many pupils as possible, but we can not guarantee a certain amount; as this is out of our control. Our marketing and promotional system is tried and tested and we will bring all our skills to bear in order to get you pupils to teach.

Please note: It can take up to 4 weeks (or more) to fill your diary.

Q: How do we get the headboard?

We will liaise with you and work out the best method of getting the headboard to you.

But upon leaving the school we would expect the instructor(s) to return the items at no expense to us.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

You do not pay us anything until you have TWO PAYING PUPILS on board. If your pupil ‘pre-pays’ for lessons using our online booking system then we will charge you the same rates we are charged from the payment processor. (We make no profit from this). This is 1.4% plus 20p per transaction. So if a pupil pays for a two hour session at £60 the fee would be (84p+20p=) £1.04.

We require a £90 holding fee payment to cover the headboard cost. This is returned to you after you leave the franchise and return the headboard to us.

Q: What does the uniform consist of?

The uniform will consist of two polo t-shirt’s and a fleece embroidered with our logo. (More can be purchased by you at any time). This is optional but highly recommended.

Q: What is the signage?

We will provide a top box; this will have our branding.

Q: Is displaying the headboard compulsory?

Yes. We believe that it would beneficial to yourselves to use the headboard, as it looks more professional and helps generate more business. The headboard forms part of our marketing strategy.

Also, we believe the headboard adds a safety feature as road users can see the headboard above obstructions such as parked cars.

Q: What happens to all the headboard if I leave?

We will deliver the headboard to all instructors, but upon the instructor(s) departure from Lawrence’s Driving School, we would ask that the headboard is returned to us at no expense of the school. We will return the £90 holding deposit after the board is returned.

Q: What if I already have signage on my car?

If you already have magnetic signage and a top box, then this will be fine, as you can remove these and put on Lawrence’s Driving School signs and top box. If your car has been signed then we will have to be contacted to discuss how to remove the signage.


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