GDPR Notice

GDPR Statement for Lawrence’s Driving School Services This document seeks to explain why I, your local Lawrence’s Driving School instructor, need to collect, store, and possibly share your personal data in the course of providing my services. It also clarifies the duration of such data storage and outlines your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Any information that is not directly related to my services may require your express consent for its collection or use beyond expected reasons.

Here are the types of Personal Data I may collect and how I use them:

  1. Upon your consent, I might need to retain your credit/debit card details for the purpose of receiving payments for my services or products. This information will be securely stored to safeguard your personal data rights until you stop using my services or you specifically request its deletion. In either case, the information will be disposed of securely.
  2. It’s crucial for me to maintain written and secure digital records of all payments, lesson schedules, and lessons conducted to keep accurate accounting records as legally required for six years. After this duration, the accounts records and any supporting personal data will be securely discarded. This data may be stored in my paper-based/digital diary, your Lawrence’s Driving School Workbook, my paper-based Student Record System, my accounts sales day book, and possibly digitally on the Lawrence’s Driving School Student/Instructor online Hub if you opt to use it.
  3. I will need your name, address, email address, phone number(s), date of birth, and provisional driving license details for the following purposes:To provide my services as a Lawrence’s Driving School instructor, contacting you, locating you, or granting you access to my online services. This data will be recorded in my paper-based Student Record System and possibly digitally on the Lawrence’s Driving School Student/Instructor online Hub if you prefer. To schedule a Theory or Driving Test on your behalf. To provide you with access to the Lawrence’s Driving School online Hub for additional services, which can be erased by you at any time. To provide promotional offers related to my business with your express consent. To share information with Lawrence’s Driving School franchisor to assist with quality control across the network. To maintain accurate account records for a legally required period of six years.
  4. I will keep records of your learning progress in my Student Record System and possibly digitally on the Lawrence’s Driving School Student/Instructor online Hub to track your training progression. This data may be shared with Lawrence’s Driving School for quality control.
  5. I will document your test results, noting any driving faults in my paper-based Student Record System to monitor my performance. This information might also be shared with Lawrence’s Driving School for quality control.
  6. Upon your passing the driving test and with your consent, I would like to take your photo and obtain a written review to promote my services and the Lawrence’s Driving School brand on various secure digital platforms and written media. Note that while we can delete any copies of your review/photo on platforms under our control upon request, we cannot prevent sharing or copying by others on social media.
  7. In the context of COVID-19, I may need to share your contact information with the NHS Test and Trace Service (Test and Protect in Scotland, Test, Trace, Protect in Wales) if you were potentially exposed to the virus in my vehicle.

Any personal data not disposed of as stated above will be securely destroyed after six years from receipt unless you have consented to a longer retention period.

  1. If I use a dash cam in my training vehicle, it’s primarily to enhance your learning and support any insurance claims in case of an incident. Should I need the footage for any other purpose, I would seek your written consent first. If cameras are installed, clear signage will be displayed both inside and outside my training vehicle. While the outward-facing cameras record outside the vehicle, inward-facing cameras mainly record the front two seats. Audio will only be recorded to aid your learning; otherwise, the camera will be muted. Any footage of your lessons will be deleted within 30 days after you cease to be my customer unless I have your written consent to use them beyond this date for agreed purposes.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about how I or Lawrence’s Driving School have handled your personal data, you can reach out to the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO, the statutory body overseeing data protection law in the UK, at: