Thank you for Booking with Lawrence’s Driving School

Please READ & SIGN the Agreement & Terms below…

New Pupil Agreement


Thank you for choosing Lawrence’s Driving School as your preferred driving school. We are very excited to help you achieve driving success over the coming weeks and months and pass your driving test like so many have done already with us.

>> Keeping in touch

If you are on Facebook please ‘Like’ our page below and/or follow us on Twitter. You will then be kept up to date with what is happening.

Our Facebook Page:

Our Twitter Account:

Our Main Mobile Contact number is: 07871515332

Our Website address is:

Your First Lesson

>> Driving Licence Check

We will need to check your driving licence. We can do this in the car providing you have brought your driving license and your National Insurance Number.

>> Shoes & Eyesight

Wear comfortable shoes for your lesson. It is advisable to keep the same shoes throughout your lessons. I will also need to test your eyesight by asking you to read a number plate at about 20 meters (that’s around 67 feet or 5 car lengths).

Lessons & Payments

  • We only deliver TWO-HOUR lessons at a time (you will learn THREE times faster and ultimately need FEWER lessons thus saving you money).
  • You can book lessons by accessing your Online Account. (Let us know if you are unable to access the account).
  • When booking a block of lessons you will SAVE MONEY – This is strongly recommended. See our Pricing Page.
  • All lessons must be PREPAID
  • The Driving Test is a TWO HOUR LESSON FEE and is not covered by the test fee you paid the DVSA.

>> Cancelling Lessons

We realise that sometimes situations may arise where you have to cancel a driving lesson. This is acceptable. All we ask is that, where possible, you give us 48 hours notice otherwise a Cancellation Fee is payable.

Currently, the Cancellation Fee is £15.00.

As a busy Driving School, we can likely fill your spot with another pupil and not lose income if given enough notice. We hope you understand why this is necessary.


By starting lessons with us it is understood that you agree to our Terms of Service. (This can be printed out).


We look forward to meeting up with you are starting your personal journey to driving success. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.


Please e-sign the form below to accept our agreement including our terms of service.

Agreement Form

I Agree to this Agreement & the Terms

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