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How to Make £1,200+ per Week as an Approved Driving Instructor

(Or even as a Trainee!)

Become a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and you can Earn more than £1,200 per week!

Help hundreds of people change their lives by helping them to gain their full driving licence.

You MUST BE an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) if you want to charge people for driving lessons.

When you become a Qualified Driving Instructor, with our school WE GUARANTEE you a position where you can make over £1,200 per week!!

As Lawrences Driving School Franchised Instructor you will be paid a premium hourly rate averaging £38 to £40 per hour.

Do the math… Just delivering 30 hours of lessons per week means you earn up to £1,200!! Remember, you can work MORE THAN 30 hours if you choose.

We offer a proven and effective instructor training course where you can pay as you go and with first-class support and mentorship from us.

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Why Lawrences Driving School?

Lawrence’s Driving School has delivered first-class premium driving lessons for over 16 years.

We know the true value of quality instruction and how to attract the right pupils for our instructors.

We will ensure you are trained to be a confident, knowledgable, professional and reliable instructor worthy of the tops rates in the area.

We will support and mentor you throughout your Pay-as-you-go training and even offer you a 6 month trainees position so you can earn even faster.


Pass your driving test in kettering

Training and being a Driving Instructor doesn’t suit everyone. Apart from needing the right temperament and personality, the minimum requirements are;

Hold a British or Northern Ireland Driving Licence

Held you licence for 4 out of the last 6 years from passing your final exam

Have no more than 6 penalty points on your licence

Be able to read a number plate at 27.5 meters (90ft)

Be of good character. Allow the DVSA to perform a Criminal Records Check (CRB) on you.

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The Steps to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) are summarised here;

Check to see if you can become an Approved Driving Instructor.

Apply for Criminal Record Check (CRB) for driving instructors.

Submit your application to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to start the ADI qualifying process.

Pass the first two qualifying Tests; Theory and Driving.

Consider 6 months as a Trainee for extra practice (optional).

Pass the final test of instructional ability.

Apply for your ADI Badge and start your new career.

The Tests (Exams)

There are 3 tests you must pass before qualifying as an ADI. These are;


  • The Theory Test
  • The Driving Test
  • The Test of Instructional Ability

Part 1: The Theory Test

You can have UNLIMITED attempts at this test.

>> Section 1 – The Theory

This is 100 Questions of Multiple Choice.

There are 4 question bands and you must score a minimum of 80% per band and an overall score of 85% from all 4 bands.

Band 1

  • Road Procedure

Band 2

  • Traffic Signals and Signs
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Car Controls
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge

Band 3

  • The Law
  • The Practical Driving Test
  • Disabilities

Band 4

  • Instructional Techniques
  • Publications

>> Section 2 – Hazard Perception

This is a test of hazard awareness and speed to recognise and react to hazards. It consists of 14 videos. 1 video has 2 hazards whilst the others have 1 hazard.

A hazard is considered anything that may make you change speed or direction. You are scored on how fast you see the hazard on a scale of 5 to 0. You must score 57 from an available 75 points.


Overall you must pass both sections in the same sitting.

Test locations are Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Luton and Northampton.

Part Two: The Driving Test

You are limited to only 3 attempts on the ADI Part 2 exam. If you fail 3 times, you will have to wait two years from the date you passed ADI part 1 exam before starting from the beginning again. You will then have to retake and pass Part 1 again.

The driving test lasts 1 hour. This is an Advanced Driving Test where you can not get more than 6 Driving Faults.

The test can be taken in our training car if necessary.

Locations: The test can be taken in Northampton, Bletchly or Luton.

Part 3: The Instructional Ability Test

You are limited to 3 attempts for ADI Part 3. If you fail 3 times, you will have to wait 2 years from the date you passed your ADI Part 1 before you can begin again. You will then have to retake ADI Part 1, 2 and 3 again.

This is a 1-hour test where you will teach a real pupil whilst being observed by a Senior Examiner.

Locations: You can take this test in Northampton, Luton, Kettering or Bletchly.

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Our Training Program

Initial Meeting

Please understand that training to become an ADI is a big commitment.

Before you can start training with us, we will need to meet you (preferably face to face). You are welcome to bring your partner with you as the decision to train will effect them as well.

Our Training Program

In order to pass the three qualifying tests you will need a good trainer and training program.

Our training program is designed and proven to get you through the tests and making a great living as soon as possible.

Our Training Program has been used hundreds of times, by numerous driving schools, to help hundreds of candidates pass the ADI Tests and become qualified driving instructors.


Extra Trainee Training (PDI)

We also provide 12 Hours of PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) Training as well as 8 hours of Interactive Online Training, if you decide to become a Trainee Driving Instructor.

Part 1 Theory Test Training

For Part One you will receive;

  • all books required to study from
  • a comprehensive ‘Online Part One Study Guide’
  • up to 6 Hours of tuition

Part 2 Driving Test Training

For Part Two you will receive;

  • a comprehensive ‘Online Part Two Study Guide’
  • 8 Hours of 1 in-car tuition

Part 3 Instructional Ability Training

For Part Three Training you will receive;

  • a comprehensive ‘Online Part Three Study Guide’
  • 8 Hours Interactive Training
  • 32 Hours in-car tuition

Training Costs

You are welcome to sample our training quality with a FREE Course Taster.

We offer an On-Demand Pay-As-You-Go Solution to your Driving Instructor Training starting at just £49.50 per month, OR you can pay over 6 months at £399 OR you can pay for the whole course all at once at £2,150 (Saving £240).

Please note: fees do not include test and registration fees.

We recommend the On-Demand Training Subscription as this is a great way to spread payments as pay-as-you-go.

All dimmed items in the table below can be purchased when you need them.

1 to 1 in-car sessions are £50 per hour (for Part 2 and Part 3)

DVSA Recommended Books are £70



Part 1 Test of Theory: £81.00

Part 2 Test of Driving Ability: £111.00

Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability: 111.00

DBS Check: £8.22

Trainee Licence (optional): £140

When all tests pass £300 (every 4 years) to register as an ADI

Trainee Option – Earn while you Learn

After passing Part 2 you can become a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI). You will need to become a Franchisee of our School during this period so that we can support you. This PDI training costs £1,000. However, this can be paid over 12 months at £84 per month.

This course includes;

  • 6 Months On-Demand Subscription Access
  • 6 Live Interactive Online Course Clinics
  • Expert Trainer Email Support
  • 12 Hours Part 3 In-Car Training
  • 8 Hours Part 3 Interactive Online Classrooms Training

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Work as a Trainee (optional but highly recommended)

The great thing about the Trainee Option is that after you have passed the first two tests (Theory and Driving) you can teach for 6 months and get paid on a Trainee Licence (pink badge).

This means you can earn while you learn the job.

There are some rules for this as follows;

  • You have already done at least 40 hours of training for the part 3 test (10 at least in-car) (recorded on ADI21T Form).
  • You must have a further 20 hours of Training for Part 3.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to become a Driving Instructor?

It can take from 3 to 12 months to fully qualify as a driving instructor. You should think of training as a vocational part time course. The good news is, after passing part 2 (the driving test), you can work as a Trainee and start earning good money.

Q: How do I pay for the course?

You can pay via Bank Transfer. We will forward you our bank details.

Q: Am I eligible to train as a driving instructor?

Please check HERE to see if you are eligible.


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