Box Junctions in Kettering

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Box Junctions Kettering

Rule 174: Enter a box junction only if your exit road is clear

Driving Tips for Kettering: Box Junctions

Driving Tips for Kettering: The “Box Junction” at the top of London Road – turning right down to St Mary’s Rd.

I have had pupils get serious driving faults on this junction and so I thought I would post a little advice to help out.

When turning right, from London Road down to St Mary’s Rd you ARE ALLOWED to enter the yellow Box Junction and wait in the box providing your exit (St Mary’s Road) is clear and you are only waiting for on-coming traffic (traffic coming past you down London Road) or there is a car in front of you also waiting to turn right.

Otherwise, you may NOT enter the Box Junction and must wait behind it.

BE AWARE: On the approach to the Box Junction to keep an eye on the traffic lights. Learners sometimes stop looking at the lights in order to concentrate on the junction. The light might turn RED before you pass the stop line. If the lights turn RED whilst you are waiting to turn right then, it is likely that oncoming traffic may be forced to stop as they also have a red light.

This may open a gap for you to turn. REMEMBER: Sometimes on that junction, whilst waiting to turn right, the GREEN ARROW turns on. This means you have priority to turn right as all other traffic is forced to stop with red lights – although, keep an eye out for light jumpers and emergency vehicles.

Hope that was helpful. I will try to post other tips. Please comment or ask questions below. ?

RESOURCES: Highway Code Rule 174.