Questions we are asked a lot…

Standard Weekly Lessons

How much are your lessons?

Our rates are competitive and reflect the high standard of tuition you can expect. See our Prices and Offers here.

With us, you will receive high-quality driving lessons, Free Theory and Hazard Perception Training and much more.

I can get cheaper lessons elsewhere - why should I go with you?

Our rates are reflective of the high quality of instruction you will receive. Generally speaking, Driving Schools that are busy will have rates on the upper end of the scale because they have a waiting list and do not need to be ‘cheap’.

They are busy because they offer a high-quality service, have good pass rates and as such get lots of recommendations and work.

Some cheaper schools offer low cost lessons so that they can attract as many pupils as they can. They need the work because they have no or little recommendations – the question is – why not?

With Lawrence’s Driving School you will get good quality driving instruction with FREE Theory and Hazard perception Training thrown in.

What are the requirements before I can have a driving lesson?

OK, to start driving lessons you need the following;

  • be at least 17 years of age
  • have a provisional driving licence – this is issued from the DVLA (Click here for link) – or get a form from the post office.
  • Ensure you can read a number plate from 20.5 metres (67 feet or 5 car lengths)
How long do Driving Lessons Last?

Most of our instructors deliver driving lessons in TWO HOUR sessions. You will learn up to THREE TIMES more in a two-hour lesson than in a single one hour lesson – at the end of the day, you will need fewer lessons.

How Many Lessons Should I have a Week?

We recommend between 2 hours and 4 hours a week. This way you will progress quickly and pass faster. You will learn more and within less time. This is always the best strategy.

Semi-Intensive Courses

How long will my course last?
Our Driving Instructors usually deliver an average of 4 to 6 hours per week – (allowing for holidays). So a 40-hour semi-intensive course will be around 10 weeks long (allowing 2 hours for the driving test). When you meet your instructor you can negotiate flexible lessons to fit around both of your schedules.
What if I don't know what course I need?
No worries, you can book a Semi-Intensive Assessment Lesson and discuss this with your instructor.
Where do I go to attend the course?
Normally our instructor will pick you up at your home. If, in the unlikely event, we do not have an instructor near to you then you may need to travel to a mutually agreed location to meet your instructor.
What is the Assessment Lesson?
This is a two-hour assessment of your learning and driving ability. Depending on your experience the instructor endeavour to get you driving as soon as possible.

Assessment lessons are good because you get to meet your instructor, you get to feel out the car and what it is all about.

Can you guarantee I will pass the driving test?
Unfortunately, no driving school can guarantee you a pass. However, we do guarantee that you will be fully prepared and ready to attend your driving test. After that, it’s up to you. Look at it this way, if you are not successful on the first attempt you can always try again. There is NO LIMIT to the number of attempts you can have. 100% of all our pupils pass their driving test.
What if I am ready before I use all my lessons up?
If you are 'test ready' before you have completed the course (and your instructor agrees of course) then we can move your test date sooner for you.

Your instructor will refund any unused lessons at the hourly lesson rate you are paying.

How does it all work?

  1. Choose your appropriate course with your instructor (on Assessment Lesson)
  2. Pay the course fee
  3. We arrange test
  4. You and your Instructor arrange lessons leading to test
  5. Attend the course & pass test
  6. Enjoy your life as a fully qualified driver taught to the highest level.
What if I am not ready for my test?
If you are not ready to attend your driving test by the time it comes then we will happily move it along for you providing we have at least 4 working days notice.This should alleviate any stress you may have. If you require extra lessons then you can negotiate this with your instructor no worries.
Does this course include my driving test fee?
Yes it does. BUT if you have already booked a test then we will deduct the driving test fee from the overall cost of the course.
How much is the Semi-Intensive Driving Course?

Our rates are very competitive and reflect our high standard of training. See our pricing page for more details. Overall price includes £70 to cover the driving test fee and admin.

How many hours will I drive per day?
Most of our instructors will want to teach you over 2 hours TWICE a week. Some instructors prefer 6 hours per week with regular breaks. This can all be negotiated with the instructor.
Do I need to have passed the Theory Test?
No. You can still attend an intensive course whilst waiting to pass your Theory Test. As soon as you have passed the theory test we will put you straight in for a quick driving test.

There is no need to wait to pass the Theory Test before you start your intensive course. We also offer FREE Theory Test Training.

How fast can I pass my test by?
There is NO STRESS-FREE FASTER WAY to pass your test then with our Semi-Intensive Courses. We will get your test date booked for as soon as you have paid for the course. This is dependent on the availability of test within your chosen test centre and the availability of our local instructor. Normally, pupils can pass within 10 to 14 weeks of initially booking with us.
Can I learn in an automatic car?
Yes – provided we have an instructor in your area who specialises in automatic lessons. Please note an increase in the hourly rate for the Automatic lessons.
How do I pay for the course?
Easy, we will send you a link on how to pay for the course. You lessons are arranged with your instructor.
Will I be sharing the car with another pupil?
Absolutely not. All of your lessons will be on a one-to-one basis. That way you can focus 100% on your driving and gain the full learning experience.
What if there is a problem with my instructor? Can I get a refund?
If there is a problem and you require a refund then you will be refunded any lessons you have not taken.