Can I have someone sitting in the back during a lesson?

by Lessons

Sometimes students ask if they can have someone sitting in the back of the car during a driving lesson. This could be a partner, child or friend. Generally, this is up to the Driving Instructor and how they feel the person may distract from the lesson. After all, it’s our job to ensure students benefit from their driving lessons. Personally, I have the following rules; No children in the car. – In my experience, they get bored very easily and can be quite distracting. Also, the student is constantly looking at and talking to the child which is a significant distraction. I do understand that children will be in the car after passing but let’s deal with that then, Definitely no babies. Enough said. Adults are allowed in the back under the following rules;

  • No teaching the student how to drive – that’s my job.
  • No comments on the students driving – also my job.
  • No making phone calls or playing games on the phone during the lesson.
  • Must wear a seat belt.
  • Must remain in the car for the entire lesson (unless a rearrangement is made) – we are not taxies.

Hope that helps.