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Rude Driving Instructor

by Lessons

complain about a driving instructorUnder no circumstances should your driving instructor be rude or disrespectful towards you.

If your driving instructor has upset you or even made you cry then there is definitely something wrong with your professional relationship. In this scenario, I would strongly advise you to seek a new driving instructor.

Driving instructors are regulated by the DVSA and are required to give you good value for money.

Their professional conduct is always taken into account during their regular inspections. Why would you pay somebody money for them to upset you?

In the modern day driving instructors are considered coaches rather than teachers. They are there as equals to you and are trained to work with you in learning how to drive safely. If your driving instructor is upsetting you in any way then this relationship seems to be flawed.

There are many really good driving instructors out there. Most driving instructors will not cause you any emotional upset but will help and advise you in your driving. They will also encourage you and give you confidence in your driving.

Remember you pay your driving instructor. You should receive absolute respect during all of your driving lessons.

If you want to complain about your driving instructor then either go to the school they work for AND/OR if they work on their own, contact DVSA directly here: https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-a-driving-instructor